Get the Perfect Shape Every Time

The preeminent die cutter of nonwoven pads.

Kleen Test Products constantly fulfills the demanding needs of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care and household markets worldwide. We’re the largest die cutter of non-woven pads in the world…and we have been for years…any count, any size. Our unique solutions in die cutting guarantee tight tolerances, resulting in superior products of every kind.

Any Shape You Need

Kleen Test Products offers precision die cutting of multiple substrates, including wovens, non-wovens, foam, paper, cotton, rayon and more, with capabilities to die cut any shape you require – from simple to complex. Years of experience in this market enable us to deliver premier quality while achieving optimal material yield and quick turnaround.

Need help finding the perfect fabric for your application? We can assist you in material selection and acquisition, locating the ideal source and shape for your product needs.  Our high-volume, global purchasing power allows us to pass significant cost savings along to you.

Simplify Your Supply Chain

Your savings opportunities go beyond die cut products.  Why not do what so many other companies have done and outsource the entire manufacturing and filling process to Kleen Test Products?  With Kleen Test Products’ FDA and EPA registered facilities and outstanding reputation for quality, service and innovation, you can simplify your supply chain and add profits to your product line.

Meticulous Die Cutting Approach

Our meticulous die cutting approach stems from years of experience, enabling us to deliver premier quality while achieving optimal material yield. Plus, our high-volume purchasing helps us pass significant cost savings along to you.

Die Cutting Capabilities