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Turnkey manufacturing and customer support from concept to cart.

From lotions, soaps, and shampoos to acne pads, makeup remover wipes and mouthwash, Kleen Test Products’ experience in the highly sensitive health, personal care, cosmeceutical and over-the-counter (OTC) markets is vast. Trying to rejuvenate a tired brand? Looking to launch a new product? We’ve helped hundreds of companies spruce up their portfolios with innovative ideas. When on the search for personal care products designed to soothe, protect, beautify, cleanse, freshen, and even pamper, we know consumers are seeking a good value on items proven effective yet gentle, safe, and easy to use.

A long-time player in the wet wipe business, Kleen Test Products is one of the world’s largest wet wipe manufacturers. In fact, many of the wet wipe products launched during the last 30 years were made by Kleen Test Products. Baby wipes, antibacterial wipes, personal hygiene wipes, cosmetic wipes, medicated wipes – we invite you to explore our many competencies in this product line. We’re also the preeminent die cutter of soft goods and the world’s largest producer of die cut non-wovens for the personal care industry.

Top Choice for FDA and EPA Regulated Products

When it comes to compliance, Kleen Test Products offers complete testing and validation at our FDA and EPA registered facilities. Plus, our on-site validation team ensures consistency in our processes – from meeting tight fill tolerances, to conducting microbial testing, to mixing batches perfectly each and every time. Staffed with multiple chemists and microbiologists, our state-of-the-art micro and analytical labs give us the ability to handle almost all required testing onsite to expedite product release.We also have the equipment and facilities for manufacturing flammable products, such as those with high alcohol content.

Progressive Ideas and Full-Service Capabilities

We make it easy for you to do business with us. Take a closer look at the products we manufacture and the diverse capabilities that assure top-notch quality and worry-free service.

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