A Powerful Solution for Your Powerful Solutions

Packaging capabilities that meet the institutional and industrial market needs.

Kleen Test Products has become a leader in liquid formulation, processing, and filling for the institutional and industrial markets. We’re ready to assist you with any filling need you have with our resources and expertise.

Look to Kleen Test Products as your manufacturing and development partner for powerful, germ-fighting formulations using ingredients such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and the latest quat technologies.

Kleen Test Products can manufacture liquid and wipe products using the latest sanitizing agents. We have specialized equipment and processes to ensure long-term stability and can assist with formula optimization.

On-Site Product Testing

We provide in-house analytical and microbiological testing to ensure quality from raw materials through your finished product. Our labs are staffed around the clock to ensure product quality and expedite product release. Plus, our 31 loading docks and 79 trailer drop lots provide for 24-hour-a-day shipping and receiving flexibility.

Kleen Test Products’ state-of-the-art micro and analytical labs, staffed with multiple chemists and microbiologists, give us the ability to handle almost all required testing on-site to expedite product release. And our multiple EPA registered facilities help you achieve necessary product compliance.

In addition, we have the equipment and facilities for manufacturing flammable products, such as those with high alcohol content. Need a tanker of hand soap? Pails of wet wipes? We’re equipped to handle large, bulk blending applications, too.

Quietly Transforming Your Ideas

Our new product development process is never one-sided. We understand you’re entrusting us with your most valuable assets: your brand and your reputation. You can depend on Kleen Test Products to tailor our services to match exactly what you need.

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