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Quality controls protect your brand’s reputation.

When it comes to quality, Kleen Test Products is continually recognized by our customers as being an industry leader. We deliver quality products that fully satisfy your requirements – on time – each and every time.

A Fully Documented Approach

The Kleen Test Products quality system is cGMP-based and provides a fully documented, controlled approach for ensuring compliance with customer and regulatory requirements. The quality unit is involved from the product concept stage to final release of finished goods. Our goal is to meet or beat your quality standard from the first piece produced.

Quality Resources In-House

At Kleen Test Products, we believe that the best way to ensure industry-leading quality is to have all of the necessary resources on-site, including a validation team, formulation chemists, regulatory experts, analytical and micro labs, and more. This gives us necessary control over quality initiatives and the ability to produce top-quality products consistently.

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