Quietly Transforming Your Ideas Into Reality

New product opportunities await.

Start with a great idea or just a shimmer of a product possibility and our experienced product development team will take it from there. Focused on nurturing ideas from concept to market, we possess the resources and technical know-how necessary to turn your ideas into tangible products. Kleen Test Products’ exceptional R&D support, product design and engineering are guaranteed to shorten your lead time to market in a cost-effective way.

In the Race to Market, Consider Us Your Competitive Advantage

Our new product development process is never one-sided. We understand you’re entrusting us with your most valuable assets: your brand and your reputation. From the very beginning of a client relationship, we make sure to sit down as your partner and listen to your expectations for success. Our approach to product development is as customizable as the products we produce. We tailor our services to match exactly what you need.

On-Site Product Testing

We provide in-house analytical and microbiological testing to ensure quality from raw materials through your finished product. Our labs are staffed around the clock to ensure product quality and expedite product release. Plus, our 31 loading docks and 79 trailer drop lots provide for 24-hour-a-day shipping and receiving flexibility.

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