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From laundry products to mouth rinses to food ingredients and lotions, Kleen Test Products expertly formulates, blends and packages many of the liquids, gels and creams found in the market today. High-volume liquid filling capabilities complemented by sophisticated equipment and technology, result in the finest liquid processing and packaging services available for the household, laundry, personal care, nutritional, OTC and pharmaceutical markets.

Ready to Assist with Any Need in Any Size

Our formula blending and filling capabilities range from liquids as thin as water to high viscosity products such as creams, lotions and gels. Our multiple manufacturing lines fill bottles, jars, tubes and pouches. We have the capability to perform bundle packing and shrink wrapping for bonus packs and cross merchandising. Kleen Test Products will also assist you in meeting necessary FDA and EPA product compliance requirements.

Jars, Tubes, Bags and Stand-Up Pouches

Jar Filling

Kleen Test Products has multiple manufacturing lines to fill jars of all sizes for the health and beauty, personal care, nutritional, household, cosmeceutical and OTC markets. With our capabilities to produce die cut pads and fill jars, we can be your one-stop shop – reducing cost and simplifying your supply chain. We utilize a variety of packaging equipment to provide flexibility and ensure product quality.

Tube Filling

Toothpastes, lotions, creams, gels, and more – Kleen Test Products has the capability to package almost any product sold in a tube. Our state-of-the-art equipment performs precision filling and sealing, enabling us to serve the personal care, health, OTC, and household markets with consistent quality.

Bag and Stand-Up Pouch Filling

From household cleaners to personal care products, Kleen Test Products has the capability to fill pouches or bags with your products. This innovative design allows for a “green”, cost-effective and e-commerce alternative to hard plastic bottles and jars. These bags and stand-up pouches can be used as standalone dispensing units or as refill pouches within a more permanent system.

Specialized Formulation Support

Need help perfecting an existing formula? Looking to develop a new formula from scratch? Kleen Test Products’ formulation chemists can help. These specialists are ready to assist with any of your product development and on-site product testing needs.

We blend solutions onsite using a USP-validated water system and operate under the most sanitary conditions. All tanks, pumps, and piping are designed with high-grade 316L stainless steel, incorporating hygienic design features like cone bottom tanks and utilizing the most rigorous sanitization methods.

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