Nobody Knows Dryer Sheets Like Kleen Test Products

Producing more than a billion dryer sheets per year.

Kleen Test Products is one of the world’s largest and longest-running fabric softener sheet manufacturers and packagers. With one entire facility devoted solely to dryer sheet production, we custom manufacture dryer sheets to your exact specifications.

High-speed coaters, numerous packing lines, dedicated storage tanks for multiple coating bases and perfumes, along with the ability to qualify your product on any one of our manufacturing lines, help us serve a broad spectrum of customers. From small runs to large international programs, we offer the flexibility to give you the order you want, right when you need it.

Innovating the Laundry Market

Kleen Test Products was the first to introduce cut sheets to the laundry market, and we’ve continued to be an innovative market leader. Today, Kleen Test Products offers eco-friendly alternatives to help consumers “go green,” such as dryer sheets with plant based softeners on sheets made from renewable fibers. Kleen Test Products is a leading source for trial/sample packs – our pilot coating capabilities give you the means to conduct new product trials efficiently and economically.

Quality You Can Count On

Our strict attention to quality control ensures every dryer sheet we produce meets our customers’ exact requirements. Using Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods, we carefully monitor our manufacturing processes to ensure adherence to critical product specs such as uniform coating, correct coating weight, and straight edges. We maintain the strictest quality records, tracking all product that moves through our facility.

Flexible and Sophisticated Coating Options

The essence of your dryer sheet is found in its base coating. It has to be just right to be truly effective and win consumer loyalty. At Kleen Test Products, we can blend base formulas onsite, and with a variety of coating options available, we can design the perfect product for you.

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