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Growth Continues for Household Wipes

Time-strapped consumers are choosing household wipes over other cleaning methods due to a greater need for ease and convenience. The June issue of NONWOVENS INDUSTRY magazine covered this topic and included Kleen Test Product's perspective. “Many consumers who were slow to adapt to the wet wipe trend in the past [...]

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NONWOVENS INDUSTRY Covers FDA, EPA Approval of Wipes

A recent feature in NONWOVENS INDUSTRY reveals a movement toward manufacturers achieving FDA, EPA approval to demonstrate safety and effectiveness in certain types of wipes. The article includes insights from Kleen Test Products. See the excerpts below. Read the full article, Focus On: Regulated Wipes. Excerpt: Barb Noel, business development [...]

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What Consumers Want from their Household Wipes

NONWOVENS INDUSTRY covered the ever-growing wipes market which continues to see innovation from leading contract manufacturers like Kleen Test Products. In “Household Wipes: Consumers Choose Convenience,” NONWOVENS INDUSTRY reports that new data from market research shows that the household wipes market reached $3.5 billion (in sales value terms) in 2012, and [...]

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Kleen Test Launches SNAP PAD™

Looking for an innovative package to extend your product line? Recently, Kleen Test Products revealed SNAP PAD™ a patented, all-in-one single-use applicator that allows the user to saturate the nonwoven at the time of use. By gently squeezing the outer casing of the applicator, a burst of solution is released [...]

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